About Baby Treasures

My name is Mitali Peckham and I have four gorgeous children who I have always loved designing and making things for. Before having children I trained and worked as an infant school teacher and during that time I often found myself creating teaching materials so I could design them to be just right for what I needed. Then when my son and daughters were born I found there were so many things I wanted to make for them so they could be specifically designed for and therefore just perfect for them. Some of the things I have made for my children are:

Baby Treasures has been born out of this love for creating tailor-made gifts for children. I think objects which help comfort you and help you feel you are surrounded by people who love you are very precious and even vital to little children so I want to make some of these ideas available to other babies and children as well.

I hope you like the treasures you find on this site and that the children they are made for enjoy them!

Mitali Peckham

Cambridge, U.K.


Baby Treasures by Mitali Peckham

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